The 设施 Division operate across campus to maintain and develop our buildings, providing vital support services 24 hours a day, 一周7天, 一年365天. 

  • 设施帮助台

    The 设施帮助台 provides a central point of contact for staff, students and visitors to enquire about facilities services. This includes Covid-19 social distancing signage and cleaning support, 故障报告, planned 维护 and general information.

  • 校园 & 社区生活

    Student information on what's on - on campus. From sport and wellbeing activities, retail, food and drink to sustainability events and more...



  • 地产业务

    The 地产业务 team are responsible for the development and integrated operational delivery of all engineering, 维护, 公用事业及设施服务.

  • 安全性和波特

    The University provides a team of trained Security Officers, 24小时轮班工作, 一周7天, 一年365天.

  • 运动十大堵博正规信誉网址

    Sport has been an integral part of life at 十大堵博正规信誉网址 since our inception. Our 560-acre parkland campus and state of the art Sports Centre provide many facilities for sport and keeping fit.

  • 会议 & 事件+

    会议 & 事件+ have the perfect space for a broad range of events and a team full of experience and expertise.

  • 学前教育中心

    Providing an educational and entertaining pre-school service for the children of staff and students alike.

  • 可持续性

    十大堵博正规信誉网址 has topped the university league table for reducing carbon emissions. Find out more about how we work towards building a sustainable university.

  • 创意工作室

    The 创意工作室 brings together a range of creative and print solutions right on your doorstep or desktop.

  • 服务交付

    从运动场到现场清洁, 砍树砸厕所, the 服务交付 team is responsible for providing a wide range of services across the University campus.

设施 staff can access the Ace Awards webpage to nominate staff and find out more information about the Awards.